February 19, 2021

AlumoftheWeek – Jeannette M. Gahunga, AIMS Cameroon’17

This week, we caught up with AIMS Cameroon This week, we caught up with AIMS Cameroon alumna and Mastercard Foundation Scholar Jeannette M. Gahunga from Rwanda!

Q: Tell us about your time at AIMS    

Jeannette: Before joining AIMS, I undertook my undergraduate studies at the College of Science and Technology at the University of Rwanda, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I first heard about AIMS from social media and got interested. From there, I started to look for information about the institution. The first alumnus I asked about AIMS shared his experience, and I was so interested and decided to apply. My time at AIMS was so exciting and inspiring. I had many memories because before, I used to work but not as hard as I learnt to at AIMS. The AIMS program was quite intensive, so much so that the time to sleep became very minimal. We always had assignments to do, books to read, lectures, new programming skills to learn and new events to attend. I enjoyed the training process, which built my confidence and readiness to solve Africa’s problems and develop my leadership skills.

Q: Tell us about the impact AIMS has had on you.

Jeannette: AIMS has sharpened me into the person I am today. At AIMS, I learnt various skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, which I frankly needed the most. AIMS improved my interpersonal relations with others due to my exposure to many other students from different parts of Africa.

Q: How is your current work contributing to the development of the continent?

Jeannette: I am currently working as an Information Systems Analyst at Ecobank Rwanda. My work contributes to the continent by helping the company identify high risks areas and weaknesses that can lead to fraud. I gained the confidence to work on these issues because of the training I had from AIMS. My work goes a long way to clean up the banking sector we have in Africa and, as such, make us competitive on the world market.

Q: Which of the SDGs is most important/relevant to you? How do you plan on addressing it in your work?

Jeannette: Gender Equality is the Sustainable Development Goal I envision to help achieve. I believe that providing the same opportunities to men and women helps create a better balance and facility equity. Empowering both sides to sustain the world will bring about the kind of development and growth we envision for the advancement of humanity at large.

Q: What’s your message to current AIMS students and young people across the continent?

Jeannette: Maximize the chances and opportunities that you have at AIMS. Take the skills you are acquiring seriously, and learn how to leverage them on the labour market.

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