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Master’s in Mathematical Sciences

The AIMS Structured Master’s Program runs over three semesters. The requisite skills phase of the AIMS course builds a standard core set of problem-solving skills: estimation, computation, approximation, modelling, data analysis and statistics. The elective review phase allows students to apply these skills in some of the most exciting areas of science.

During the final phase of the AIMS course, students do a research project and write a scientific report under the supervision of an expert researcher on a topic of their choice. Research initiated in these projects often develops into further postgraduate research work after AIMS.

AIMS delivers a world-class Master’s in Mathematical Sciences to students recruited from across the African continent. Each AIMS centre offers an intensive ten-month structured Master’s degree with courses taught by renowned visiting lecturers from all over the world.

Co-operative (Co-op) Education Program

Also culminating in the AIMS Master’s in Mathematical Sciences, AIMS also offers a work-integrated learning Co-operative (Co-op) Education program that builds on the structured Master’s and adds a work term component in partnership with private and public industry partners. The co-op program is offered at AIMS Cameroon, AIMS Rwanda and AIMS Senegal.

The Co-operative Education Program (Master’s in Mathematical Sciences) is an 18-months long and takes a work-integrated learning approach by combining course work with practical industry experience. This allows students to apply their scientific knowledge to real-world problems while gaining work experience in an industrial environment. 

The program includes a work placement phase, usually six months long, in addition to 10 months of course work. Co-op students commence work on their research projects during the work placement, after which they finalise, submit and defend before a jury. Successful completion of all coursework and work placement is a prerequisite for graduation.

African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI)

In 2018, AIMS launched the first of its kind African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI). AMMI is a one-year intensive Master’s program taught by the leading experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AMMI is a novel fully-funded one-year intensive graduate program that provides brilliant young Africans with state-of-the-art training in machine learning and its applications.

The AMMI program will prepare well rounded machine intelligence researchers who respond to both present and future needs of Africa and the world.